Solidarity with Cuba. La Rete dei Comunisti condemns shameful Italian vote at the UN


Rete dei Comunisti condemns Italy’s shameful vote against the motion presented to the United Nations Human Rights Council calling for the suspension of US sanctions against countries considered political enemies, including Cuba.

The resolution, which passed despite the vote against by 14 countries in addition to Italy (including Germany, France and UK), denounced the very serious consequences on the sanctioned countries’ populations, aggravated by the current difficult situation caused by the pandemic and its economic consequences.

Cuba has been subjected for more than 60 years to a ferocious economic blockade, aimed at strangling the development of its social model, based not on profit but on the needs of the human being, and despite this it resists and manages to continuously demonstrate his solidarity and generosity towards the whole of humanity.

The vote of Italy in fact qualifies as a particularly morally despicable act, considering that little more than a year ago, during the most tragic moment of the first coronavirus wave in Italy, Cuba sent two brigades of doctors in Lombardy and Piedmont as an act of solidarity – one of the dozens of similar missions of the Henry Brigade Reeve around the world. At the time, the press and the politicians had devoted themselves to heartfelt thanks, to which obviously there is no intention of matching any concrete action.

An infamous and indecent ruling class, the perfect expression of a social model that has only profit as motive, which only knows how to take, take, take. A social model that pales in comparison of the small socialist Caribbean island.

As Rete dei Comunisti we have always been on the side of Cuba and its people and against the imperialist bloc, and we condemn the cowardice of Italy, prone to imperialist policies.

Reversing Fidel’s famous phrase, “History will condemn them”.

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